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2018 EAPTV DVD Companion - Special Offer
This product is only valid for customers who purchased a DVD in 2018. You can only order EAPTV of a recital you ordered a DVD of at this special price. Your order for EAPTV must be placed between August 1st and September 30th, 2018 to receive the discounted pricing. "THIS ITEM HAS FREE SHIPPING. IT IS DELIVERED OVER THE INTERNET"

Our Price: $15.00
2018DVD45-1-LADance 2018DVD45-1-LADance

2018DVD30-1- L.A.Dance Center of the Arts

Our Price: $30.00
2018DVD35-1-TurningPointe 2018DVD35-1-TurningPointe

2018DVD35-1- Turning Pointe Dance Studio of Catonsville

Our Price: $35.00
2018DVD35-1-Miss Barbaras 2018DVD35-1-Miss Barbaras

2018DVD35-1- Miss Barbara's Dance Studio

Our Price: $35.00
2018DVD35-1-In The Wings Academy of Dance 2018DVD35-1-In The Wings Academy of Dance

2018DVD35-1- In The Wings Academy of Dance

Our Price: $35.00
2018DVD35-1-Nyemcheks 2018DVD35-1-Nyemcheks

2018DVD35-1- Nyemchek's Dance Centre

Our Price: $35.00
2018DVD40-5-1 2018DVD40-5-1


Our Price: $40.00
2018EAPTV40-1-NAC 2018EAPTV40-1-NAC

2018EAPTV40-1- NAC Dance Foundation

Our Price: $40.00
2018DVD40-2-1 2018DVD40-2-1


Our Price: $40.00
2018DVD40-2-1-SP 2018DVD40-2-1-SP


Our Price: $40.00
2018DVD40-1-TipTap 2018DVD40-1-TipTap

2018DVD40-1- Tip Tap Toe Dance Academy

Our Price: $40.00
2018DVD40-3-1-SP 2018DVD40-3-1-SP

2018DVD45-3-1-SP Gone Dancing

Our Price: $40.00
2018DVD40-1-Showcase 2018DVD40-1-Showcase

2018DVD40-1- Showcase Performing Arts Center

Our Price: $40.00
2018DVD45-6-1 2018DVD45-6-1

2018DVD45-6-1 Rhythms Dance Center

Our Price: $45.00
2018DVD45-WeeCanDance 2018DVD45-WeeCanDance

2018DVD45- Wee Can Dance

Our Price: $45.00
2018EAPTV45-1-Maria Priadka 2018EAPTV45-1-Maria Priadka

2018EAPTV45-1- Maria Priadka School of Dance

Our Price: $45.00
2018DVD45-4-1 2018DVD45-4-1


Our Price: $45.00
2018DVD45-2-1 2018DVD45-2-1


Our Price: $45.00
2018DVD45-3-1 2018DVD45-3-1


Our Price: $45.00
2018EAPTV45-1-Pennington 2018EAPTV45-1-Pennington

2018EAPTV45-1- The Pennington Studio for Dance & Creative Arts

Our Price: $45.00
2018EAPTV45-1-Sciila 2018EAPTV45-1-Sciila

2018EAPTV45-1- The Scilla Studio

Our Price: $45.00
2018EAPTV45-1-UGotta 2018EAPTV45-1-UGotta

2018EAPTV45-1- U Gotta Dance

Our Price: $45.00
2018EAPTV45-1-Xtreme 2018EAPTV45-1-Xtreme

2018EAPTV45-1- Xtreme Dance Studio

Our Price: $45.00
2018DVD45-1-Vic 2018DVD45-1-Vic

2018DVD45-1- Vic D'Amore American Studio of Performing Arts

Our Price: $45.00
2018DVD45-1-Studio D 2018DVD45-1-Studio D

2018DVD45-1- Studio D

Our Price: $45.00
2018DVD45-3-1-SP 2018DVD45-3-1-SP


Our Price: $45.00
2018DVD45-1-A Place to Dance 2018DVD45-1-A Place to Dance

2018DVD45-1- A Place to Dance

Our Price: $45.00
2018DVD45-1-Aspire Dance 2018DVD45-1-Aspire Dance

2018DVD45-1- Aspire Dance

Our Price: $45.00
2018DVD45-1-Dance Atlantic 2018DVD45-1-Dance Atlantic

2018DVD45-1- Dance Atlantic

Our Price: $45.00
2018DVD45-2-1-SP 2018DVD45-2-1-SP

2018DVD45-2-1-SP Dance with Kim School of Performing Arts

Our Price: $45.00